Thursday, April 5, 2012


Expectation for new things to come...

Today we went to the fruits market that is two blocks from home. Not only we got fruits and yummy healthy things, but we also bought plants.
Every week, Ryan used to buy me flowers, today we decided that plants were a perfect reflection of what happens at this stage: a lot of hope and anticipation for the things to come, like a plant does, our relationship will get rid of old things that represent no benefit to us but also strengthen itself to bloom in colorful explosions of joy.
This idea of plants growing and the garden took me back to my childhood, when we first arrived to this beautiful house and instead of a living room, where I am at the moment, there was a big backyard with fruit trees. As I was getting taller, my mom said "soon, you'll be taller than the trees"... that led me to stand next to the trees every day to check who was growing faster. After three months, I lost, but really I won! because the trees grew and bore fruit and I could eat it.
It is very exciting to think that Ryan and I will become a family, not only a married couple, but we will be starting a family, belonging to each other and bearing fruits in the future.

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