Friday, April 20, 2012

Smile in the city.

Usually, people don't like The City, it's loud and crowded, crazy and impersonal.
People walk past you without noticing you exist. But then we have Santiago.
A favorite place for many in this world. Everyday there is something new to it.
The enchanting City with old XIX Century buildings, Cathedrals and also brand new buildings. It is enchanting because of its dynamics and today we found a beautiful smile.
I promised Ryan we would get a treat from a shop right in front of GAM, he was like a little boy waiting for it, asked about it a few times. 'Are we getting our treat now?' - in the 'are we there yet?' tone.
All week I had thought of this place and the memories I had there, it's a restaurant near three university campuses located on the main avenue of the city, a metro station 30 steps away from it and not only they serve meals, but it is also a bakery.
Now, let's talk about the memories. My first time being there was with my dad in '08, after watching a movie that inspired me not to quit uni that year and we needed something to eat, which ended up being pizza and beer.
My second time there was when Ryan and I got invited to have lunch with someone who had hurt us a lot and needed to apologize. We ordered pasta and she complained during the whole meal. It is not a good memory, she is someone that belongs to the past buried under our feet.
Third memory there was when I took a friend for a sweet treat after we prayed in the city. That friendship faded away.
I clearly remember how this morning we prayed for our sweet treat in the city. And God was already busy on it.
We crossed the street to find that this restaurant was no longer baking sweet treats. We walked down that street in the hope that we would find a patisserie and we found this small one, walked in and looked at the yummy things all over the place, we chose the "cream bow ties" we were going to get and then moved to choose the drinks. As we turned towards the counter to order the sweets, a lady had already ordered them for us, paid and just handed them to us. In complete shock, we took them and thanked her, not being able to fully react and hug her or anything and before we could realize, she was gone.
Everyone in the shop went crazy!
We were in disbelief.

Once we sat down and ate them, it came to me how powerful our God is. Our gift, our present, that awesome thing we wanted was already paid!
In our lives, we all need a saviour, we all are lost and juicy, yummy, tasty, delicious, wonderful heaven is in front of us, when we try to reach it, when we "behave" and are "good" enough as to get it, Jesus comes and gives it to you, not because of how much you strive to get it, but because the price of having you coming to heaven was already paid.

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