Thursday, March 15, 2012

Second Anniversary

Love in companionship and in romanticism, growing together as two awesome friends, going through hard personal moments, holding each other's hand and encouraging each other to keep going.
And oh, the good moments! Making each other laugh to tears, dance ridiculously and making up stories and songs. The endless conversations on Skype, on the couch, at the dining table, on a picnic rug at the park, at Mei Li, Three Monkeys and the Groove Train in Brisbane, the bench on Pedro de Valdivia, Bravissimo and the walks to and fro the shopping center near home in Santiago.

We celebrated on the 6th of March, 2012 two years of being together regardless the distance between us for some time, we are a walking testimony that LOVE CONQUERS EVERYTHING and THERE'S NO FEAR IN LOVE, BUT PERFECT LOVE DRIVES AWAY FEAR.

We have nothing to fear, but a life to live together.
In this day, we celebrated Ryan being bold to hold my hands and saying "I want to grow with you". Soon the big day will come when we hold hands and say to each other "I want to grow old with you" in front of a large number of witnesses before God and also before the law.

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