Saturday, January 21, 2012

We vented shopping

So I know that the word "vented" doesn't exist and I feel compelled to tell that story before I tell you more about our awesome day together.
I am an EFL teacher and in one of my methodology classes my professor taught us that you can't spend your entire class correcting your students, especially if they're beginners, so if someone said after you've been teaching past tenses, "I vented to the movies", just ignore the errors and try to teach the correct way without making your student feel stupid for making a mistake.
With all this I try to make myself a bit humble because I'm not perfect, I write pretty well but I ask for mercy when correcting my errors.

So our Saturday morning started very lazy, we watched cartoons and had a massive breakfast, first cereal and fresh berries and peaches, then a cuppa and avocado and bread.
We needed to recover ourselves from the long week with little sleep and so after breakfast we went back to bed. When we woke up for the second time, we decided it was time to have secret talks in our tent that is set up in Ryan's room. It was a good day to camp there.
I often wondered if you'd get bored talking or sharing all the time with the same person, and then after these past six weeks I know the answer is NO!
Some people take a long time in realizing that the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with HAS to be your best friend, it's not fair to become best friends a number of years later.
The feeling of "we can talk about anything" and "we can enjoy each other without having to say a word" are good indicators of that friendship.
We went shopping this afternoon, I love spoiling Ryan, he deserved the best time ever because he's been so patient and loving these past couple of weeks when I needed him to be.
He's been there, willing to help with everything, he deserved spending time with me, so I just forgot about the laptop and all the work for the thesis and held his hand.
We walked a lot, went to different places, he tried on many things and scored two shirts from which he has chosen one to wear to the wedding tomorrow. We learned about sizes and collars, shapes and colors, it was such a fun experience.
Life in Chile is good, we finished our date having coffee and churros...yum!!!

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