Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outrageously loved

I didn't get fired technically, I just can't go back and teach those children anymore because of a financial crisis that the family is going through. I like honesty.
When I walked out of that place, I thanked God deeply, it's been nothing like holidays these past couple of months, not that Ryan and I are completely in that mood, but because of work and my thesis, we didn't have that much freedom to get up at anytime during the day or go to bed after 11. We couldn't continue to do any more work outside and have been postponing different little projects.
And now, we're free to stand up and be embraced by the Beautiful One. I can get lost in His presence and not worry about responsibilities, we can go on short day trips and worship freeeeeely!
I took a deep breath and thanked God because when the world tries to convince us that we have to DO, He says "Hey! It's DONE".
My only job is to be outrageously loved.
I rest on that. We trust Him.

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