Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3, THE number.

Have you heard about the Trinity? No, not your acquaintance or the girl in Matrix, but THE Trinity: God Father, God Son and God Holy Spirit. Well, they're a trinity because they're three, but truly they're just one and they make the bestest superhero, all their powers combined... aw, man! whoever dares to be His enemy is already defeated!
So here are some stories:
  • When Ryan came over in winter 2011, he knelt and pulled a little purple box out of his pocket, then he said "Massiel, I'm not here for holidays, I came here to see you and my mission is to ask you...(pause, deep breath) 16 months ago I said I wanted to grow with you and now I want to ask you to grow old with me". In this lil' box was a ring and three sparkling diamonds which symbolize us and God in the middle.
  • In this pre-marriage season we're surrounding ourselves with loving, caring and amazing people.
We've chosen 3 wonderful men whose mission is to take good care of us, and 3 beautiful women whose mission is to go through the whole preparation process with us.
Yesterday, we met with one of them to give her the invitation and with tears in her eyes, her only words were "yes, I wouldn't miss this for the world", I understand that our happiness is a big part of their happiness as well.
And then I wondered, why 3?
Because 3 is THE number.

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